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I look forward to being your Assemblyman for the next session. Following are a few of the issues that I feel are important to our citizens:

The citizens of our community have outlined the important issues that round out my platform for this coming legislative session:

  • 1. Keep taxes at a minimum. There are ways to reduce the cost of government without raising taxes on businesses or individuals.
  • 2. Keep Nevada employed. This also means keeping employees of state and local government employed since they comprise about 40 percent of the workforce in our city.
  • 3. Listen to business. Keeping businesses healthy to support our economy is needed more than ever in this economic downturn. I support the Governor’s efforts to reduce unnecessary regulations.
  • 4. Keep our state business-friendly. The Governor is waging an important campaign to attract new businesses to the state and to our region. I am in total support of his new economic development plan. To read the Governors State Economic Plan Click Here
  • 5. Work for transparency in government. The voting public needs to be kept aware of what seemingly goes on “behind closed doors.”

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